Homeschooling Out Of A Closet: How I Keep My Home From Feeling Like a Classroom 24/7!

According to Pinterest, there are lots of people who enjoy converting a spare room into a homeschool classroom.  These rooms are beautifully decorated and gloriously organized and I admire the creativity and love that many a parent has poured into these rooms. Hello?  Color-coded subject bins and adorably framed art?  Yes please! There's also something... Continue Reading →

Let Go and Flow

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written regularly, and that was not my plan.  And spoiler alert: entering the not-as-planned will be a recurring theme in this post. As I entered 2018, I was feeling pretty good.  Strong, actually. With emotional and physical reserves to spare.  The family was chugging along in a good... Continue Reading →

Poems for Grief and Hope

Since my dad died in February, it's certainly been a blur of emotions and adjustments.  I hope to share with you more of this journey some day, but for now I'd like to share the stanzas that have helped me walk through every step. I've never enjoyed poetry nor attempted to write it, but for... Continue Reading →

In Honor Of My Dad

Tonight marks the first full month since my father passed away suddenly and peacefully in his sleep.  That sentence feels so foreign.  This month has been a blur.  A blur of tears, sleeplessness, gazing out windows, peaking into my thoughts, curling up on the couch and into the presence of God, running from the question... Continue Reading →

Finding Simplicity In The Busy

Recently, my (fantastically wise and nurturing) mentor has been discussing the idea of simplicity.  Whittling down the busyness. Removing the distractions in order to make room for the priorities.  Or as it was stated in the Harvard Business Review (and discussed in my post last January) 'the disciplined pursuit of less.' This is where the stay-at-home-mother... Continue Reading →

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